Equal Housing Opportunity

The information provided on this website is meant to be accurate but is general in nature and not intended to be contractual as unintentional errors and omissions can occur. Please refer to the community specific prospectus, lease, rent letters and rules and regulations for detailed specific information regarding this community.

We endorse the Fair Housing Act and qualify each application equally. We value every person: regardless of their race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, genetics or genetic information, familial status, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or veteran status.

We use a national agency to consistently qualify potential customers using a written guideline including credit reports, criminal background checks and public records available. We Thank You for the opportunity to serve you.

— Newby Management

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The Fiesta Grove is committed to providing an affordable, quality, RV and MH retirement community living experience.

Resident Testimonials

"I have been here for twenty two years and now it is my permanent home! The people in the park are wonderful, willing to help at a moments notice. Lots of things to keep us busy!"
– Varga

"There is an awfully lot to like about Fiesta Grove, but it's the friendliness of the people that bring us back year after year. This is an outstanding park in a great location in the Tampa Bay area. If you come and spend some time with us you will understand why so many people return year after year to Fiesta Grove for fun and relaxation in the Florida sun."
– J.& D. Cook
"What I love most about Fiesta Grove is how easy it is to make friends because of the warm and inviting people."
– Carol J.
"If you like to stay active and have fun, Fiesta Grove is the place for you. There is always something exciting going on. Between the weekly activities and entertainment, the happy hours and coffee times, there is no time to get homesick in the winter. Come join the fun!"
– The Davis'